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True Story #1

A home improvement contractor had paid over $1,000 for his business website.   He complained about not getting much business.  His website was nice, but we looked under the hood and discovered code that was telling search engines to NOT show his website in results!  After accessing his website and making necessary code changes along with a few other corrections, he finally saw the traffic he was looking for.

*Changes in web design and code that affect search results rankings are not immediate.  It sometimes takes months for a website to be updated by Google and other search engine listings.  This is a key reason you may not know if you website properly set up until many months later!

True Story #2

A contractor specializing in chimney cleaning and roofing paid a web marketing company around $1,200 for his website, plus was paying $100/month for the company to maintain his site.  The website looked pretty.  The marketing company told him his website was getting up to 60 visits a month- He didn’t believe this because none of the customers who called had said they found out about his business through his website!  Besides getting no calls, we found his website had very poor search rankings, and he was the only contractor in his area!  Worse yet, he had no way to fix it- they owned the domain name and the website!  He cancelled services with the company and lost his website and domain name.

True Story #3

A roofing contractor had a website that was ranking #1 on Google searches for his area.  He had set the website up himself and decided to make changes to improve the look of his website.  The website looked better, but unfortunately, code changes he couldn’t see in the new design caused Google to drop the site way down in rankings.   Since search engine rankings can take months to change, he didn’t know his site wasn’t ranking for months!  After undoing the code changes, his rankings are finally starting to improve.

Top Local Contractors Website Diagnosis

We Offer A 5-Point Assessment:


Is Your Website Actually Helping Your Business?

How to Improve The Effectiveness of Your Website

We will analyze your website and give recommendations for improvement.

Internet Presence

Can Potential Customers Find You?

How to Improve Your Exposure on The Web

We will analyze your overall web presence and give recommendations on how to increase your exposure.

Search Ranking

Why Isn't Your Company #1 on Google?

How To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

We will analyze your search rankings and give recommendations on how to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Social Media

Is Social Media Working For Your Business?

How To Improve Your Social Media Effectiveness

We will analyze your social media accounts and give recommendations on how to maximize your social media outreach.


Is Your Brand Helping or Hurting Your Business?

How To Use Your Brand Effectively

We will analyze your brand and give recommendations on how to improve your branding.

Top Local Contractor Website Analysis Options:

Basic Website Analysis

Overview of Website Design and Function

Basic Recommendations for Improvement

Premium Website Analysis

Full Website Analysis


Page Errors

Device Compatibility 

Page Speed 

Image Optimization 

SEO Analysis

Keyword Check

Metadata Check


Search Ranking Analysis

Competitor Comparison

Google, Bing, Yahoo Rank 

Social Media Analysis

Accounts Evaluation

Branding Analysis



Color Scheme

Choose Your TLC Website Analysis Package

Basic Website Analysis

$000Limited Time-- 24.99 Value!
  • -Basic Website Analysis-
  • NO-SEO Analysis-
  • NO-Search Ranking Analysis-
  • NO-Social Media Analysis-
  • NO-Branding Analysis-

Premium Website Analysis

$9999Great Value!
  • -FULL Website Analysis-
  • -SEO Analysis-
  • -Search Ranking Analysis-
  • -Social Media Analysis-
  • -Branding Analysis-

Our Guarantee

We can’t promise you’ll become a millionaire from our assessment of your business website, but here’s what we can promise: If you think we did an awful job at evaluating your web presence, we’ll refund your money within 30 days of receiving your report!

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